about the artist 

I am a self taught costume seamstress from the UK, currently trying to live a sustainable, off-grid life in Portugal. I graduated from the university of Staffordshire in 2012 but I have always been passionate about making things. In my last year of university I made my first spirit hood and have not looked back. In my spare time I enjoy many forms of creative art, and spending time in nature.


I pride myself on making each and every item unique; I don't rely on patterns, and a lot of my fabric is collected from our travels

around Europe, meaning no two pieces are the same. In this way I really feel that I am giving each customer something special. Often customers will say that a piece of my (non commissionedwork was 'made for them' and I'm so happy that I can provide people with such a pure expression of their individuality.


I adore festival aesthetic -the sillier the better- and the themes of pure unfiltered joy you can find there.  Another influence is my life long love of mythology and cryptozoology which you can see a lot of in my work. At the end of the day the most important thing to me is fun- I want to create costume and accessories that people love wearing.